Avant Gardner | Brooklyn Music Venue, Nightclub & Event Space

Indoor-outdoor, year-round, sensorily immersive events complex

Avant Gardner is a multi-functional event space, concert venue and nightclub equipped with state-of-the-art audio and lighting across three rooms and stages.


The Great Hall

The Great Hall is the quintessential Brooklyn warehouse venue, that’s anything but. A massive and soaring space, its exposed beams and brick walls evoke a familiar industrial aesthetic while containing boundless possibilities for transforming the space. An array of moving lights shine down from high in the ceiling, while a two-level platform gives a viewpoint over The Great Hall’s enormous dance floor.

Stage Dimensions

Our stage is typically built on a per show basis, and is flexible in size up to 60’ x 32’.

DJ Stage: 48’ wide x 12’ deep x 15’ high with 4’ x 8’ cuts on each side for step units
Concert stage is 48' wide x 28' deep x 4’ high, with step step units off USL and USR

Please note, we have a flexible stage size. Any increases in stage sizes could result in production kills and should be discussed with the promoter ahead of time.

FOH Positions

Current measurements are 12’ x 16’ @ 24” on wheels, tiered for audio and lighting . The front side houses audio, while the back houses lighting and video.


Company Switch: Great Hall Guest – [400 amp] (off USL, 25ft)

Company Switch: Guest Lighting/Audio (Shared with outside space) – [400 amp] (off USL, 50ft)

There are a small amount of Edison (120v) and L6-20 (208v) circuits available in the ceiling, though most are on the

upstage wall. There are NO edision circuits available on the floor, and must be run via a distro from stage.

House audio and lighting use existing circuits and are not included in the above counts.


Main PA All audio provided by KV2 Audio.
For more information, please see: http://www.kv2audio.com/ .

Main Hangs (L/R VHD5.0 Constant Power Point Source System)

Each VHD5.0 contains (1) VHD5.0 Mid Hi [3-Way 8x 10”, 6x 8” and 3x 3” CDs], (3) VHD5.0 Low Mid [8x 10”] (1) SL412 downfill [3-Way 4x 12”, 1x 8”, 1x 3”] Enclosures Each hang powered by matching VHD5000, VHD5000S, and SL3000 amplifiers.

Subs- VHD Series -Stage front contains (40) VHD4.18 [1x 18”] Sub Enclosures and (12) Active VHD2.21 [2x 21”] Sub Enclosures VHD4.18 subs powered by matching VHD3200 amplifiers.

Stage Front Fills- VHD Series -(2) VHD1.0 [1x 12”, 1x 8”, 1x 3”] VHD1.0 cabinets powered by matching VHD2000 amplifiers. *VIP Fills -Each HL VIP floor contains (1) EX10 [2-Way 1x 10” & 1x 1” CD] and (1) EX2.2 [2x 12”] Sub Enclosure

FOH (monitors driven from FOH console)

Aztec Audient Analog 52-channel Analog Console with Dual-redundant power supplies

12 auxiliary outputs configured as eight mono and two stereo sends; eight subgroup outputs and a 12œx8 matrix.

12 assignable VCA groups. The input channels feature in/out switchable four-band equalization. The high-mid and low-mid filters are fully parametric, and the "treble" and "bass" filters are frequency-sweepable and provide a switch to select bell or shelf modes. All input channels also have a sweepable 12 dB per octave high-pass filter just after the input amplifier stage.

Audient Aztec Manual
We do not currently have any outboard gear for our FOH console

AUDIO - FOH Processing

4 Lake LM44 Digital Audio System Processor

2 SDD3 Super Digital Delay Line

5 SAC2 Super Analog Controller - 2 channel 5


Each side contains (1) ESR212 Cabinet [3-Way 2x 12”, 1x 6” and 1x 1” CDs] and (4) ES1.8 Sub Enclosures [1x 18”] Each side is powered by matching VHD3200 and ESR3000 amplifiers.


Control and Atmosphere

GrandMA 2 Full Size (V3.3.4.3)

2 Le’Maitre Stadium Hazer -sACN control input for Guest Consoles in FOH booth

House lighting fixtures utilize 4 universes of DMX

LIGHTING - Fixtures

20 Martin Axiom Hybrid

36 Clay Paky Sharpy

11 Chauvet Ovation E-910 FC

36 Degree (Architectural)


There is currently no video or IMAG installed in this room.