Avant Gardner | Brooklyn Music Venue, Nightclub & Event Space

Indoor-outdoor, year-round, sensorily immersive events complex

Avant Gardner is a multi-functional event space, concert venue and nightclub equipped with state-of-the-art audio and lighting across three rooms and stages.


The Kings Hall

The Kings Hall is its own intimate domain within the grand complex. The incandescent lighting and massive chandelier give the space an alluring warmth. During the day, natural light shines through the glass ceiling panels, filling the space with a brilliant visual effect. Our world-class KV2 sound installation and intricately designed lighting fixtures complete a dance floor that rivals that of the most acclaimed venues. Whether it’s a musical performance, a wedding banquet or a charity gala, it’s a space fit for a king.

Stage Dimensions

DJ Stage: 16’ wide x 12’ deep x 12” high
Concert Stage: 20’ wide x 16’ deep x 3’ high

Please note, we have a flexible stage size. Any increases in stage sizes could result in production kills and should be discussed with the promoter ahead of time.

FOH Positions

FOH is located on house left floor main floor 50’ from the DS Edge. A single 3’ x8’ table is provided though can be enlarged if required.


All audio provided by KV2 Audio. For more information, please see: http://www.kv2audio.com/

Audio­ Console

FOH (monitors driven from FOH console)
Midas M32R (16in / 8out)

Audio­ Main PA

Main L/R Stacks
­Each stack contains (1) VHD2.0 [3­Way 2x 12”, 2x 8” and 1x1.4” CDs], (4) VHD2.16 Sub [2x 15”], and (8) VHD4.18 [1x 18”] All enclosures are powered by matching KV2 Audio VHD2000 and VHD3200 amplifiers.

AUDIO - FOH Processing

2 SDD3 Super Digital Delay Line

5 SAC2 Super Analog Controller ­ 2 channel


Each side contains (1) ES1.0 Cabinet [3­Way 1x 12”, 1x 6” and 1x 1” CDs] and (2) ES1.8 Sub Enclosures [1x 18”]
All enclosures are powered by matching KV2 Audio VHD3200 and EPAK2500R amplifiers.


GrandMA 2 Light (V3.4.0.2)

1 ReelFX DF50 Hazer
­sACN control input for Guest Consoles in FOH booth

Due to limited space at FOH, we prefer you utilize the house console. House lighting fixtures utilize 4 universes of DMX

LIGHTING - Fixtures

12 Robe Pointe

7 Robe Spikie

20 Chauvet Par H7IP LED Washes

4 Chauvet Ovation E­910 FC 36 Degree (Architectural)