Avant Gardner | Brooklyn Music Venue, Nightclub & Event Space

Indoor-outdoor, year-round, sensorily immersive events complex

Avant Gardner is a multi-functional event space, concert venue and nightclub equipped with state-of-the-art audio and lighting across three rooms and stages.


The Lost Circus

The Lost Circus exists within the circular framework of a lavishly decorated 1920's vintage Belgian Spiegeltent. Table seating with velvet booths and mirrored walls line the outer edges of the wood-slatted dance floor, and a small stage gives performers the perfect vantage point to amuse an audience. With an array of dance-floor lighting and speakers lining the edge of the center ring, this Winter attraction cannot be missed.
(Late October through March)

Stage Dimensions

DJ Stage: 16’ wide x 12’ deep x 12” high
Concert Stage: n/a

FOH Positions

FOH is located on house left floor main floor 50’ from the DS Edge. A single 3’ x8’ table is provided though can be enlarged if required.


All audio provided by KV2 Audio. For more information, please see: http://www.kv2audio.com/

Audio­ Console

FOH (monitors driven from FOH console)
Midas M32R (16in / 8out)

Audio­ Main PA

Main L/R Stacks
­Each stack contains (1) VHD2.0 [3­Way 2x 12”, 2x 8” and 1x1.4” CDs], (4) VHD2.16 Sub [2x 15”], and (8) VHD4.18 [1x 18”] All enclosures are powered by matching KV2 Audio VHD2000 and VHD3200 amplifiers.

AUDIO - FOH Processing

2 SDD3 Super Digital Delay Line

5 SAC2 Super Analog Controller ­ 2 channel


Each side contains (1) ES1.0 Cabinet [3­Way 1x 12”, 1x 6” and 1x 1” CDs] and (2) ES1.8 Sub Enclosures [1x 18”]
All enclosures are powered by matching KV2 Audio VHD3200 and EPAK2500R amplifiers.


GrandMA 2 Light (V3.4.0.2)

1 ReelFX DF50 Hazer
­sACN control input for Guest Consoles in FOH booth

Due to limited space at FOH, we prefer you utilize the house console. House lighting fixtures utilize 4 universes of DMX

LIGHTING - Fixtures

12 Robe Pointe

7 Robe Spikie

20 Chauvet Par H7IP LED Washes

4 Chauvet Ovation E­910 FC 36 Degree (Architectural)